About Us

The Bountiful Life Institute was formed in 2007 with a mission and purpose to create a sanctuary for healing and rejuvenation at our beautiful Bountiful, Utah location and to support the development of new technologies, healing modalities and programs designed to assist individuals to move into higher consciousness. These programs are non-accredited and are avocational in design. Since our inception, we have broadened our vision to include collaboration with healers, coaches and like-minded businesses locally, regionally and internationally who are similarly committed to sharing their unique gifts and their desire to lift humanity, collectively, into a more enriched and fulfilled life experience. Together we create a social force for real sustainable change. Together we bring hope and renewed passion into all segments of our society, using the Bountiful Life community to share resources and ideas and to create a critical mass movement to change the way we think and act, creating a bountiful and enriched life and helping all others to do the same.

What does it mean to live a Bountiful Life?

Western society has transformed our way of living and being during the last 100+ years. Many positive and life changing innovations have come about through the creative and intellectual thinking of men and women. The emphasis on the mind-based thinking man, however, without the balancing influence of the nurturing heart has created an imbalance in our world, threatening the health and well-being of mankind.

What is needed today is the balancing influence of heart-based action and touch within our society, to every individual, to every institution, and to every creative development. Opening to the inner wisdom and mastery within every one of us is the balancing force. The sustaining heartbeat within the womb reassures the developing human being of consistency and certainty in their world. Heart-based action brings the pendulum of western ways back to center and to stillness, balancing head-based thinking man with heart-based, intuitive thinking.

Optimal health and well-being is not only a condition, it is a process of becoming; the result of understanding and living in accordance with the natural laws that govern the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social and economic arenas of our lives. As we live our lives in accordance with these natural laws and principles, shifting our consciousness from excessive consumption to sustainable abundance, we create our own bountiful life.

It is time to reconnect to full innate and natural intelligence to return to our senses and to Begin to Be™.

 So Much Has Been Said. There Is Really Nothing More To Say. It Is Time To Experience.

See What Our Clients Have Experienced.

Bountiful Life PURPOSE

To RETURN us to our senses —
     to find our sense-ability

To REMEMBER who we are —
     to reclaim our birthright

To SUSTAIN our knowing —
     moment to moment

To RECLAIM our soul power —
     to fulfill our legacy in this lifetime


Bountiful Life PRINCIPLES

Every person awakens into Higher Consciousness

Consciously and deliberately operate from
the heart space of oneness and love
creating community and peace

Open our hearts and minds
to the patterns of perfection for the New Earth

Celebrate our individual and cultural differences

Create sustainable solutions
to every perceived problem

To collaborate

— Michele Roberts

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